Constituent Success Stories

Success Stories1

Barbara from Santa Fe:

Barbara’s 93-year-old mother was owed funds from the VA but was placed on a year-long waitlist to have her case reviewed due to a “staffing issue.” Rep. Luján worked closely with the VA to get her case reviewed in just one week. As a result, Barbara’s mother received 14 months in back pay and began receiving her monthly payments again.

Paul from Santa Fe:

Paul was struggling financially while his SAA was tied in Quality Review for over a year, and he was forced to move in with his sister. Paul reached out to Rep. Luján for help, and within a month, his case was resolved. Paul was able to get back on his feet and even rent his own apartment.

Tammy from Rio Arriba:

Tammy is a small business owner whose customers rely on USDA Food Nutrition Service (FNS) assistance. Naturally, she applied for reauthorization to accept their Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards, but the application process was held up for several months, causing her business to suffer. That’s when she called Rep. Luján, who was able to get the agency to process her paperwork and issue a new FNS number so her business could continue to receive EBT payments.

Robert from Rio Rancho:

Robert’s mail was not being delivered because of an unrequested hold at his local post office. This postal plight caused the professional musician to miss bills and hurt his credit. After Rep. Lujan wrote a letter to USPS, the hold was released and Robert began receiving his mail again.

Alan from Lamy:

Alan contacted Rep. Lujan for assistance because he had not received his federal income tax return worth thousands of dollars. The Congressman reached out to the IRS' Taxpayer Advocate Service, which was able to help Alan get his federal return as well as interest for his wait.