Supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Congressman Luján supports comprehensive immigration reform that is fair, humane, and keeps Americans safe. He believes we need to create a path to citizenship for immigrants, protect Dreamers, and maintain our leadership position on the international stage by committing to basic human rights and protections for those fleeing disasters and violence in their home country.

Opposing the Muslim and Refugee Ban

Rep. Luján cosponsored the Statue of Liberty Values Act 2.0 (SOLVe 2.0), which nullifies President Trump’s Muslim and refugee ban. In response to President Trump’s immigration executive order banning refugees from six Muslim-majority countries, Rep. Lujan issued the following statement:

“President Trump has not only hardened his heart against the obvious suffering of refugees fleeing persecution, destruction and carnage in their homeland, he also ignores the lessons of history. Last century, as Jews were being systematically murdered in Europe, the U.S. had a chance to admit those fleeing the Holocaust, and did virtually nothing. History will not judge the Trump administration favorably for slamming the door in the face of refugees of this century who are desperately trying to keep themselves and their families alive. The President's move could hamper our nation in the fight against terrorism and will degrade our standing in the eyes of the world. We need smart and tough strategies to keep our nation safe, not reckless, dangerous, and unconstitutional policies.”

Defending Dreamers

Congressman Luján is a cosponsor of the DREAM Act, which would provide certainty for the 800,000 young people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals who entered the United States as children. Representative Luján is also an original cosponsor of the DREAMers, Immigration, and Refugees (DIRe) Legal Aid Act. This legislation provides legal aid funding for nonprofits to assist those impacted by President Trump’s executive order on immigration and potential actions taken against DREAMers, refugees, and immigrants. The Congressman also co-sponsored the American Hope Act to give those with DACA status and others who arrived in the United States as children a path to permanent legal status and eventual citizenship.  It also gives immigrants who arrived in the U.S. before their 18th birthday and before December 31, 2016 an opportunity to apply for legal status if they meet certain requirements.

Additionally, Congressman Luján cosponsored the Uniting and Securing America Act of 2018, which incorporates most of the DREAM Act, with some changes to which applicants would qualify for permanent residency and later for a green card. The bill uses the SMART Act as a basis for border security changes, requiring DHS to produce a study of the border to implement the most practical security methods.