Protecting Our Democracy

“Generations of Americans have fought, marched, and peacefully protested to be able to cast a ballot. I believe in honoring their legacy by protecting our sacred right to vote. Our democracy is at its best when all voices are heard.” - Congressman Ben Ray Luján

Fighting for Transparency in Campaigns and Elections 

The Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC opened a floodgate of special-interest money into our political system. Congressman Lujánbelieves that this influx of opaque money into our electoral system is unacceptable, and strongly supports increased transparency in our elections. That is why he introduced the Fair and Clear Campaign (FCC) Transparency Act to make information about the buyers of political advertisements more available and accessible, and the Keeping Our Campaigns Honest (KOCH) Act to increase transparency and openness in the political system by making it easier to determine exactly who is sponsoring and paying for political ads. The Congressman also cosponsored the Disclosure of Information on Spending on Campaigns Leads to Open and Secure Elections (DISCLOSE) Act to shine a light on secret money in political elections by strengthening the public reporting requirement by corporations and outside campaign groups.Congressman Luján is also a cosponsor of the Democracy for All Amendment, a resolution to restore limits on the influence of money in our elections through a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision. To counter the influence of big political donors and super PACs, Congressman Luján cosponsored the Government by the People Act to create a small donor empowerment program by matching small campaign contributions at a six-to-one rate with public funds. It would also create a tax credit refunding small donors for election contributions of up to $25. 

Defending and Strengthening Our Democracy

In response to President Trump’s claim that the press is the “enemy of the people,” Congressman Luján introduced the Protecting Dissenting Viewpoints and Voices Act. The bill prevents the FCC from revoking radio or television stations’ licenses or other authorizations based on the viewpoints expressed by broadcasters or news outlets. The bill also prohibits the FCC from placing conditions on any merger it reviews that would constrain the viewpoints expressed. Congressman Luján also cosponsored the Protecting Our Democracy Act to establish the National Commission on Foreign Interference in the 2016 Election. This 12-member, bipartisan, independent commission would be empowered to interview witnesses, obtain documents, issue subpoenas, and receive public testimony to examine attempts by the Russian government and others interfered in the 2016 elections. Congressman Luján also cosponsored the Election Security Act to provide financial assistance to improve the security of election infrastructure and prevent further interference in our elections. Additionally, Congressman Luján signed a letter to the Deputy Attorney General of the United States, Rod J. Rosenstein, expressing support for the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III. He also cosponsored the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act to ensure Special Counsel Mueller’s independence.

To strengthen our democracy, Congressman Luján is a cosponsor of the Automatic Voter Registration Act, which would automatically register anyone who obtains services from their state’s motor vehicle registry to vote, and the Help Students Vote Act, to require institutions of higher education to distribute voter registration forms to students enrolled at the institution.

Preserving and Strengthening the Right to Vote

“No person should be subjected to discrimination at the polls based on race or any other minority status. I will continue to uphold the values of equality to ensure a democracy that values the voices of all Americans regardless of race, and I will remain a strong supporter of a robust Voting Rights Act.” - Congressman Ben Ray Luján

No person should be subjected to discrimination at the polls based on race or any other minority status. For this reason, the Congressman Luján is a cosponsor the Voting Rights Advancement Act to restore the protections established by the Voting Rights Act. Congressman Luján has also introduced the Voting Innovation Prize Act to establish an innovation prize to engage the technology community in the effort to strengthen and secure our democracy. The Congressman’s legislation will encourage the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to develop solutions to increase access to the ballot box and prevent foreign attempts to compromise our elections.