June 22, 2018

Luján Votes Against GOP's Latest Attempt to Cut Vital Programs for New Mexicans

[Washington, D.C.]– Congressman Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) released the following statement after voting against Congressional Republicans’ second attempt at passing a partisan Farm Bill:

“New Mexican working families, farmers and ranchers, and rural communities all depend on the Farm Bill. The bill Congressional Republicans passed, and I opposed, slashes $23 billion in food programs, which will hurt New Mexico’s veterans, seniors, children, and people with disabilities. This makes it more likely that children and working families will go to bed hungry.

“Republicans could have worked with Democrats so that farmers and ranchers across New Mexico could continue to benefit from the Farm Bill’s conservation title. Unfortunately, this bill eliminates programs designed to help farmers and ranchers be better stewards of their lands. In addition, instead of helping rural communities grow, the bill also abolishes efforts designed to support renewable energy and energy efficiency in rural communities.

“Congressional Republicans should have crafted a bill that works for all Americans. Instead, they voted to strip food aid from children and struggling Americans. This is unacceptable.”