October 23, 2009

Luján: We Must Demand a Public Option

October 23, 2009

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Ben Ray Luján spoke on the House floor about the need for health insurance reform that includes a public option. Rep. Luján told some of the stories he has heard from people of New Mexico’s Third Congressional District who are suffering at the hands of our broken health insurance system. He said it was time to demand a public option that will combat rising costs and make health care more accessible and affordable.

“I've heard from constituents across my district who are suffering at the hands of health insurance companies. I’ve heard from doctors who do their best to treat those without insurance. I've heard from entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses but fear they won't be able to find coverage for their sick children because they have pre-existing conditions.

I've heard from women who can't replace their ill children's used catheters because they were denied by their insurance companies. I've heard from small business owners struggling to afford coverage that their employees depend on. They need us to act, they are asking us to act, they are demanding us to act--that's why we must.

We need to fix our broken health insurance system, we need a health insurance system that works for men, for women, children, seniors and families – for everyone. We need action to combat rising health care costs to make health care more accessible and offer real choice.

We need a public option - we must demand a public option.”