October 27, 2009

Luján: Yes to Health Insurance Reform

October 27, 2009

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Ben Ray Luján spoke on the House floor about the need for health insurance reform and, specifically, for Congressional action to fix the broken system. He told stories from constituents in his district who are struggling under the current health insurance system.

“Our constituents have asked us to put them first, not say no and support the status quo. I ask my colleagues from the other side, from both sides, to listen to them and to help them.

My constituent who has had health problems since she was 21, who has spent her life shackled by high co-pays, inaccessible insurance and little care is asking us to help her. She’s endured through two bankruptcies and many undertreated health problems that cause her pain every day.

Another constituent is facing increases of 20 percent each year in premiums for her business. Each year these insurance costs are skyrocketing. Neither she or her employees can afford them.

Throughout the country, the American people are asking to help, but we keep hearing no. No to those with illnesses, no to those who struggle with the high cost of health insurance.

Let us do what's right, let's come together, let’s have the courage to say yes for the American people.”