August 17, 2010

Rep. Luján Celebrates Social Security Anniversary at Gallup Senior Citizen Centers

GALLUP, NM-Rep. Ben Ray Luján visited the Ford Canyon Senior Citizen Center and the Northside Senior Citizen Center in Gallup on Friday, August 13. He spoke with participants about the 75th anniversary of the passage of Social Security and the importance of standing up for senior citizens.

"I'm proud to be here celebrating the 75th anniversary of Social Security with Americans who earned their Social Security benefits, fulfilling a promise that is made from generation to generation" Rep. Luján said. "As seniors have invested in our community, it's important that we protect what they have earned over a lifetime of hard work."

In Congress, Rep. Luján has voted to improve quality and coordination of care for seniors and to protect seniors from increases in their 2010 Medicare Part B premiums that are automatically deducted from Social Security checks.